I finally got to cook again today!  The weekend is kind of becoming my once-a-week-need-it-or-not cooking session.  It's kind of crazy.  But next weekend I'll be moving home.  I will have a kitchen again!  We'll see how much cooking I actually do once I get there.

Ok, that makes it sound like I never cook at home, which isn't true.  I have been cooking one meal a week at home for years.  Since high school at least.  Mom works one night a week, so that was my introduction to cooking meals.  And, something makes me think I'll be doing a little more cooking this summer.  With my current level of interest in cooking and mom's willingness to let me make dinner whenever I want, I think it will be happening more.  But time will tell.

Ooo, going home also means that I will be able to go to Farmer's Markets starting next week.  Farmer's Markets are one of my favorite parts of summer.

Anyway, I went this afternoon to visit NES and finally take him up on the use of his kitchen.  It was really fun.  Of course, the fact that he lives right down the street from Whole Foods -- my favorite supermarket -- made cooking even more fun.

I am not usually the kind of person who goes into the grocery store looking for something to cook.  Usually I have my menu planned before I go shopping and I pretty much stick to it.  But we decided to go and see what looked good today, since I wanted to go to Whole Foods anyway.

When you walk into Whole Foods, the first thing you see, like in many grocery stores, is the fruits and vegetables.  The difference with Whole Foods is that they are all so amazingly beautiful that you can't pass them by.  So that cut down the options for dinner.  It had to include vegetables.

We chose fajitas.  But, I don't like onions.  And it seemed a shame to bypass so many other beautiful vegetables besides a pepper.  So instead of onions, we made them with mushrooms, red pepper and summer squash.  I now see why fajitas are made with onions and green peppers generally: their flavors actually stand up to some serious seasoning.  The squash and mushrooms, and even the peppers to an extent got lost in the seasonings.  Not to say it wasn't good -- the spices were perfect.  But it was kind of sad to lose the veggies entirely.  They were still there though.  And you could taste them a little bit.

We doubled the amount of chicken, spices and everything but the veggies, and used one pepper, squash and container of mushrooms.  It made enough for about 8 fajitas.  I don't know how they think you're going to get 8 from one chicken breast.

Although fajita purists may be offended, this recipe called for cheese, so we served them with cheese and sour cream and salsa. And boy were they good.  So good we forgot to take a picture before we ate it all.  Plus, I forgot to bring my camera with me.  So, I apologize for the picture-less post.   Maybe I'll just have to make them again just to take pictures.


  1. You can cook all you want this summer! And grill, too! Mom


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