Restaurants We've Loved

Upon hearing about a fire that basically destroyed our favorite bagel place this morning, I started reflecting on the restaurants and other food places we've loved near home that have gone/changed/closed/burnt in the past year.  So, in that vein, I offer a memorial to some of our favorite (now unavailable) local restaurants.

Also, I feel a little silly doing this, because on a day in which yet another bombing happened in Turkey, there are bigger problems in this world than a few small town food establishments going out of business.  My heart breaks every time I hear of another bombing or attack.  However, this is mainly a food blog and this is meant only as a way to keep some of our everyday food-related memories.

The first "in memory" will hopefully not be forever.  Abraham's Bagels was our favorite bagel place.  It was the bagel in our Saturday morning "bagel and coffee/tea" ritual.  Walking down to the water and eating it was an added bonus (snow or shine)!  It had been downtown for 29 years, so it's safe to say it is a staple.

As odd as it sounds, they were also a pizza place!  I'm convinced they just use their bagel dough and make pizza crust.  It was cheesy and greasy, but, boy, was it good.  It would have to be my favorite downtown.

I'll also miss the bagel art that was always on the counter!

The second "in memory" goes to Gram's Homemade Ice Cream.  I'd say that's where 90% of my ice cream pictures I've posted since moving here have been from.  We were regulars, to say the least.  Often during the summer, we'd be there (at least) once a week.  This is why I exercise.

We had our five minutes of local fame when a picture of us eating a "Gram Slam" sundae ended up in a local magazine, and from then on, we've been on a first name basis with the owner.  This was the only homemade ice cream downtown, so we're really feeling this loss.  Thankfully the owner is taking the business and moving rather than closing completely, so we can get our ice cream fix!  Unfortunately, it'll now be 40 minutes away instead of like 4 minutes.

One of our favorite Gram's related memories comes from the parade downtown.  Every year since we moved in, we've gotten Gram's milkshakes and walked the parade route.  This year just won't be the same.

Sad us are sad.

In the same vein as Gram's, the third "in memory" goes to New England Ice Lollies.  Although it wasn't nearly as established as Gram's or Abraham's, it was here for a couple summers and made its mark!  They made really gourmet ice pops -- from simple chocolate to ones made with beer from our local brewery!

This was our slightly less bad-for-us dessert place, and we didn't go as much as Gram's, but we went enough!  We brought JB and LB there at the end of the summer before they closed, and got them hooked too.  Bad timing!

And I mean, how fun were their walls?

The final "in memory" goes to Pizza Factory II.  Nathaniel feels stronger than I do about this one, but I will miss all their wrap options!  They had been a "standard" New England pizza place downtown, but with tons and tons of sandwich options!  They were one of our only local sandwich places open for dinner, so that was a vote in their favor from the start.  I'll always remember getting a really good wrap from there after my first outdoor sprint triathlon (along with my ice cream from Gram's!).  I should mention that technically the pizza place is still there, but it's changed from a standard pizza place to a fancier brick oven pizza place similar to others we have downtown.  We will miss their sandwiches/wraps.

An honorable mention goes to The Deck -- another local restaurant which was basically destroyed by fire at the end of last summer.  They have thankfully rebuilt and are back at it!  We have been back this summer, and their pulled pork tacos are out of this world!

One final mention goes to Lexie's, our local burger place.  They are renovating, but because of various permits and construction slowdowns, they've been closed for 6 times as long as they first thought.  We miss them, but we're looking forward to them being back!  (Soon, we hope!)


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