A Mini Semi-Foodie Adventure to Boston Public Market

So, I have to say that I'm a little disappointed that this winter storm "Jonas" (if you insist on using the silly names all of a sudden) is going out to sea.  I mean, if Boston gets 2 feet of snow, yeah things grind to a halt for a bit, but nothing like it's going to be in D.C.  Well, anyway.  I'm ready for some snow.   I just keep reminding myself that we had next to no snow around now last year.

Anyway.  I'm not really here to complain about the lack of snow in central New England.  What I am here to talk about (which isn't a recipe . . . again) is a mini semi-foodie adventure field trip!  I had planned this trip on the day before Thanksgiving, but ended up still trying to get over a nasty sinus infection so it had to wait. 
So one day during my break, I headed in to Boston to the Public Market!  
First, I tried a latte at the Boston Common Coffee Co.  I was hoping to enjoy it a little more, but at that moment I was busy running around Boston trying to find WiFi so I could update one last document for an application.  But it was yummy!  
I also got NES and me a coffee chocolate souffle doughnut for dessert in the evening.  I've been watching their Doughnut Thursdays on their instagram for so long that I really wanted to check it out!   And it even made it (mostly) unscathed in my bag all day!
Then to the market!
I took a quick trip through the market to see what was there, and quickly realized that there were too many refrigerated things I wanted and I didn't want to drag everything I bought all over Boston, so I grabbed a mini apple cider doughnut from Red Apple Farm for the ride, and headed to lunch!  
I had already made plans with LO for lunch or else I would definitely had lunch at the market!  There are TONS of places to get all sorts of food within the market itself.  NES and I need to head back soon to get food!  

LO and I went to lunch at a cool (and really popular!) sandwich place with a little tiny grocery store.  I got a veggies, hummus and apple sandwich.  Yum.  It was excellent food and excellent to catch up!  But, next time, WAFFLES! 
I found myself some ginger beer tea at David's Tea on the way back to the market -- it really tastes like ginger soda when sweetened with honey.  It was pretty awesome!
Then back to the market!  

I found all sorts of fun things, but because I had to carry home whatever I bought by hand, and I did want to be TOO extreme in my spending, I had to limit myself.  

 First, I found some honeybush chamomile tea from Soluna Garden Farm.  It's so good, and satisfies my cravings for sweetened tea without any sweetener!  

I also bought a grated cheese mixture from Jasper Hill Farm.  Mom and Dad S. gave us a fondue set for Christmas, and we used it for the first time!  Don't mind the weird purple color . . . this is what I get for not checking to make sure we have white wine with which to make the fondue! 

To go with the fondue, I got an apple from one of the farms (sorry, I don't remember which) and a baguette from Mamadou's Artisan Bakery.  
I also got sriracha pasta from Nella Pasta!  We got addicted to sriracha pasta from the farmer's market this summer, and this version didn't disappoint!  For dinner, we paired it with fresh mozzarella cheese from Wolf Meadow Farm.  It's really a great combo.  
I also got some winter blend Downeast hard cider from Hopster's Alley, and found this sticker from a Halloween campaign from a fun small clothing brand called Give a Fluff, which I follow on instagram, too.  That was a fun adventure!  
And otherwise, I really just enjoyed my afternoon wandering the market.  Even in the winter, there was plenty of pretty produce to look at, along with all the other cool things!  I also thought there was a really good mixture of produce and other things.  I find that our farmer's market at home is too heavy on the "other things", so the market was a nice change from that.  Plus, they offer all sorts of classes (think anything from cooking to yoga) and even a cookbook exchange wall! 
I'll be headed back soon!  And I'll be bringing a bigger market bag with me next time! 
The sunset on the way home was gorgeous!
Oh, and for ultimate irony after my foodie-filled day: mac and cheese from the blue box for dinner.  That. 


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