Summer Recap!

Since I've been soooo delinquent about posting this summer, I decided the best thing to do was make a summer recap in pictures.  There'll be some food involved, but mostly it's just pictures of what we did and where we went!

Funfetti cake just for the fun of it!
Oven Drama!
Strawberry Doughnut!
EJB is not impressed with my strawberry picking excitement.
Banana "soft serve" for those really hot lunches.
Beach baby #1!
This is EJB's "I want to play with that thing you keep sticking in my face" look.
First signed baseball! (Even if they are Short Season A players!)
Congratulations, LM and SM!
It was so nice to see these ladies again!  I hadn't seen 3 of them since my wedding!
Fresh tomato BLT!
Shhh, don't tell that it's actually pumpkin ice cream before September. 
Porch grown tomatoes!
First tie-dye ever.
Beach babies #2 and 3!
I did and finished my first triathlon!  Glorious cloud pictures by NES while he was waiting.
Fresh, homemade tomato sauce!


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