CSA Week 2

Somehow it's already week 3 pickup day for our CSA!  I can't believe it!  I promise some day soon I'll post something that isn't just a CSA recap . . . I have a post in the works!

Here's week 2!

Bok Choy
Beets (which were supposed to be turnips, but I'll take the beets any day!)
A potted plant

Also, I'm going to warn you, I've been terrifically bad at remembering to take pictures this week, so there might not be many!

The strawberries have been mostly for eating, plain or in plain yogurt!  More details on what the rest are going into soon!  Promise!

The lettuce went into more salads.  I made individual salads for mom, mom S. and I to take to the beach, then forgot them on the counter.  Oops.  So we ate them afterwards in the backyard!  I layered white grapefruit balsamic vinegar, olive oil, leftover chicken, almonds, mangos, strawberries, and lettuce in quart sized jars!
The bok choy and scallions went into stir fries with the rest of last week's kale!  I actually made this same stir fry twice in the past two weeks because it's just so good (and great for using up veggies that need to be eaten)!  I also added the beet greens to one of these stir fries.

 The scallions also ended up in a Bourbon Chicken recipe that I made on Saturday for us and also for RNB and JAB in anticipation of their little one!  KEB came over and made a giant batch of spicy chili for them while I made the chicken and Red Curry Lentils -- maybe the spicy will help baby B come soon!

The tomatoes are still on the counter -- I need to eat them tomorrow!  I'll probably eat them with a little salt just like an apple!

The beets were the surprise of this week -- I was expecting turnips, but I'm much happier with beets!  I roasted them with some olive oil, salt and pepper.  I put them into a salad with last week's radishes, lettuce, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and feta cheese!  At MS's suggestion I tried roasting the radishes and it actually made them much more palatable.  It took away the bite, but I'm still not going to seek out radishes.  But now I know they work well with roasted veggies when I have them!

And the plant.  Well, it's been planted and is out in my little potted garden on the stairs.  Now, if only I was sure what type of plant it is . . .

Oh, and here's my 78 cent tomato plant!  (Not actually CSA related, but from the same farm!)

And now, a picture of today's kale.  Because that's a lot of kale.


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