Annual Musings on Ice Cream, Year 5

Today felt wonderful.  It was above 50 degrees, and it was glorious. I'm sure everyone is sick and tired of hearing about all the snow New England got this winter.  But these days of 50+ degree weather with a foot or more of snow still on the ground feel just a little crazy.  I am finally starting to be able to see over snowbanks while I'm driving!  Hooray!
I went for a run this afternoon, and as I sloshed through giant puddles and slush, it brought back memories of (not all that long ago) trudging along the same paths in snowshoes.  And sinking up to my thighs in the snow.

And then, of course, NES and I got ice cream!  (Did you really not see that coming?)  And again, we wandered around the same paths we had snowshoed this winter.  Crazy.

You know this winter was crazy because several of our local ice cream places actually had to push off their opening dates because there was just. so. much. snow.  The rest have been counting down the days to their opening as a sure sign that this winter is behind us.

Well, as it is supposed to go back to 35 degrees tomorrow and snow this weekend, maybe it isn't quite gone.  But I think days like this, along with more daylight, give us hope that spring and summer really are coming.  Sometimes this winter, it didn't seem possible.  And it still seems like the snow will be here forever.  But ice cream reminds us that warm weather and long sunny days are coming!


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