Peppermint Bark Graham Crackers

CHRISTMAS BREAK!  It's here!  Well, sorta.  That.  I mean, there's plenty of work to be done.
But as for day one and day two, they were excellent.  First of all, I started my break with an aqua yoga class with a bunch of retired ladies.  It was quite an awesome adventure. 

Then I wrapped!  I turned the living room into a wrapping station, and I spent the afternoon wrapping to White Christmas.  
I even made a few more bows!  

Day two was mostly enjoying an afternoon with LB and baby E!  He's such a dapper little guy.  
Quite literally (look at the shirt).
And I finished off day two with a little "baking" for NES's coworkers.  However, since tomorrow is intensive baking day, I took it easy.  That's code for: I dipped things in chocolate.  

And it was so easy!  
No, seriously.  It was!  I melted chocolate chips (a 12 oz. bag) in a double boiler.  Which means a glass bowl set into a pot.  Because that's how we do double boilers around here.  
I quartered a package (1/3 of a box) of graham crackers and laid them out on parchment paper.  One by one, I dipped them into the chocolate, gently spooned chocolate over to cover, and used a fork to lift it out, and gently tapped the fork to get some excess chocolate off. 
Then they went into the fridge to harden.  

Meanwhile, I crushed up a couple of candy canes, and melted some white chocolate in a double boiler.  
Then, the crackers got dipped halfway in white chocolate.  It had to be a pretty quick dip, since the chocolate underneath started melting pretty fast and swirling a little, but that's what the peppermint pieces are for.  They get sprinkled on immediately after the white chocolate so they will stick!
Then back into the fridge for a second time, and there you have it.  Peppermint bark inspired chocolate covered graham crackers.  
If there's  any chocolate leftover, I suggest dipping some oreos!  
Compared to baking something, they make relatively few dishes, go pretty fast and don't require an oven!  I'm a fan!   Well, I'm pretty sure I'd be a fan of chocolate covered graham crackers anyway, since every time I eat them, I remember just how awesome they are.  They are especially nice for the holidays, because 1.) they are pretty snazzy looking (if I do say so myself), 2.) they are quick and easy and 3.) because they are sweets without being overwhelmingly sweet and over the top sugary!  
And just in case you aren't convinced, my tester, NES, who was craving super sweet, sticky saltine candy crunch, gave these an excellent review.  


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