Late Summer

Ok, so really, I haven't done any more major cooking since the cake/cupcakes.  That was a big job.  And I've been studying.  It's really getting down to crunch time for studying, and I still feel like I'm nowhere near ready.  Somehow I'm trying to retain some balance, but I'm afraid the impulsive need to study is going to take over soon.  Or the feeling that it is so overwhelming that I should just stop.

And the weather.  After a summer of rain and heat waves, the weather has been perfect.  I've been so happy to be home and able to escape outside to study the past two days.  Yesterday I even took a quick break and met LO for ice cream.  At the best ice cream place ever.  They know what ice cream is.
That was lunch.  I told you this week is one of those "don't ask" weeks.

But I haven't been able to keep myself inside at all.  I've been outside studying as much as possible.  And tonight, NES and I went on a walk to explore new places near our apartment.  It's amazing how something can be there for a year and we can not have any idea it is there.

This weather has also reminded me of camping!  Camping is our last hurrah of summer, and I am looking forward to having exams over (even though that means school will be starting).  And in honor of the lovely camping-like weather, I made bacon this evening for paninis.

I never cook bacon.  NES always does it.  But I did it tonight.  And I think it came out decently.

We made paninis with some excellent Vermont cheddar cheese from our last visit.  I really just wanted grilled cheese.  So that is what I had.  NES had a bacon and cheese panini.  Even more to remind me of camping, since we often buy the cheese when we're there!

 Then there is this.  I found it on my run this morning.  In the middle of a residential area.  Yeah.


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