Pancakes . . . Chocolate Ones.

So, I kind of jumped ahead for the whole Halloween party thing.  Someday (and when I say someday, I mean (hopefully!) five weeks when finals are over!!), I will catch up.  Someday, it'll happen.

We got snow on Wednesday night!  Hooray!  I couldn't bear to think that most of the snow would be washed away before I got to enjoy it, so I went out and made a snow angel.
I am not crazy.  Really.  It was dad's idea . . . .

And sitting through the rest of the Nor'easter reminded me of riding out the hurricane.  Not nearly as crazy, but still.  It was windy and rainy.

So it reminded me of Oreo pancakes.  They sound, well, thoroughly unhealthy, but most of the chocolate is simply cocoa, so they really aren't THAT bad.

This is how it went.  I wanted pancakes the night of the hurricane.  And then I was looking on Pinterest and talking to KEB who found the Oreo pancakes.

Now, the frosting part was a problem.  I do not like coconut.  So, NES brilliantly reminded me we had cream cheese frosting in the fridge.  Awesome.  It was perfect.

Except, well, maybe I'd add a little more sugar next time.  They were almost on the bitter side of chocolatey. But they tasted good after a cozy day during the hurricane!


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