A Return to Blogging?

Hello, friends.  It's been a while.  And so much has happened since my last post in October.  And it's been such a crazy (good) ride.  I've said I need to come back to my blog, and I've told myself I'd try fitting it back into my schedule.  We'll see.

However, what has drawn me back so far has been the need to get ideas out in writing again -- particularly in this season of change. Somehow I felt like the transition from studenthood to non-studenthood would be just like another academic year sliding by into summer.  I'd be moving from the busyness of the school year into the relative relaxation of the summer, just like every year (even if I have been working most of the past four or so summers).  What I didn't anticipate was the dead stop.  I defended my dissertation, interviewed for a job, edited my dissertation one last time, got a job for next year and submitted my dissertation.  In that order.  (And there was a cake from my GC profs!)
And now I'm done.  After 23 years there is no more school.  And I'm a little lost.

Granted, it's been a grand total of five days, and two of those were spent distracting myself with adventures (including the best cinnamon bun I've had in a long time, and an Earth day cupcake from the cupcake bug with CJC, AB and LO!).  It was really yesterday, my first full day at home with nothing school-related to do that got me.  I just felt strange.

It's not that there's nothing on the horizon.  Next August, when school starts up again, I'll be there, just on the other side of the podium, if you will.  There will be plenty of planning to do this summer, and things won't feel like they are standing still for long.  I know I should be relaxing and enjoying these last few (quiet) weeks of grad school, but the part of me that's been keeping track of school assignments and details for 23 years just doesn't turn off quickly or quietly.  The days of cold rain probably don't help either.

Anyway, that's my conundrum right now.

And just to show you the type of fun I've been having recently, I colored my Easter eggs yesterday.  Only 9 days late.  But hey, it means that they are easy to peel (I got the eggs the week before Easter, anticipating having the time to color them before Easter) and it means that I got to go back to natural egg dyes

I also started the process of cleaning out the pantry.  We determined that this summer is the summer we will cleanse our apartment, since we aren't moving.  It's time for a major clean out.

And in the past, well, few months, we've found plenty of time for food adventures, even if I can't claim most of them as my own work.  Maybe I'm due for a catch-up post!


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