CSA Week 1 {+Bonus Week 2}

Hooray for new adventures!  I decided at the end of the spring that if I ever had time in a summer for a CSA, it was this summer!  So we went for it!

We have a half share (since it's just the two of us), and it's been a manageable amount, for the most part (says week 2 me.  Ask me again after the summer!).  My original plan was to make weekly posts on what was in our CSA share for the week and share what I made with it, but in some cases the weeks do get a little fuzzy!

Well, here goes with week 1 (also note that I forgot to take a share picture! Oops.):

Apple Cider (frozen from last season)
Lettuce (an epically large head of it!)

How'd we use it?

The strawberries (plus a last few frozen berries from last year and rhubarb from mom and dad S's garden) went into a strawberry rhubarb pie for father's day!

Since our first share, I also went and picked 8.5 lbs. of strawberries, and those have been going into plain yogurt with granola and/or banana slices for breakfast!  Also, I had some cooking adventures with these strawberries -- stay tuned for a new post soon!

The apple cider is amazing, and I've been happily drinking it!

The lettuce went into several salads (that's how big it was!): first, a chicken Caesar salad wrap for NES, and a strawberry, chicken and mango salad for me, then a couple of strawberry, mango and chicken salads in jars for mom, mom S, and I to take to the beach!  This is my new favorite salad combo: white grapefruit balsamic vinegar and olive oil, leftover chicken, almonds, strawberries, mango, mandarin oranges (I could take or leave them in this combo), avocado, lettuce.

The kale went into a couple avocado, banana and strawberry smoothies, and also into a kale, ginger, mushroom and beef stir fry.  It's a great stir fry recipe (probably one of my favorites, and one of the easier ones I know!), and here comes the bonus week 2!  I also added bok choy and scallions from our week 2 share into the stir fry, since I had just picked it up!  It made a great dinner!

The radishes haven't been used yet -- neither of us love radishes, so they might just turn into radish flowers for decorating plates.


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