Greek Wild Rice Salad

Somehow now that I'm on "break" (although this does not mean I'm not still going to school a couple days a week . . . ) I'm falling behind.  I guess it's just that there's too much Christmas stuff to do.  Because, I mean, it seems like there's less time than ever between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.  Phew.  So much to do.  
But I did find some time to just sit and watch it snow!
So far I've finished about 2/3 of the Christmas cards, made toppers for presents (I've gotten a little distracted by these projects, I'll admit.  Maybe I'll post about them later.), and I'm currently checking a new Christmas movie off my list.  
Next week, it'll be baking, wrapping and generally getting everything ready!

Last time, I mentioned making some interesting leftovers out of the remains of last weekend's food.  I guess it's time to tell that story.  

First of all, you have to realize that this won't particularly seem like it's made from last week's leftovers.  That's because the Greek salad from HS and CS came with tasty pita bread, and PLS brought us some nice wild rice blend.  It was great.  Otherwise, the only thing that's "leftover" is the Greek dressing from the salad. 
Now, you'll understand why this meal is made from leftovers.  
First, I cooked the wild rice.  Now, I've decided that I need some rice cooking lessons.  LB is going to teach me.  I think I start with too much water.  Like every time.  My rice always comes out very sticky and gooey.  I am going to try LB's suggestions next time.  
So, I started with my gooey rice, and added some sliced cucumbers and carrots.  If I had any tomatoes, I might have added those too.  But I really didn't want to go out again.  
Then, I added some feta cheese and the leftover Greek dressing.  
And I stuffed it in a pita!   Oh, and I made some pumpkin granola while I was at it.
Yay, dinner for my last night at school of the semester! 


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